Brand Builder

Michele-Riggio Headshot

Name: Michele Riggio
Business: Marketing and Branding
Company:MLR Communications
Years in Business: 3 Years

How do you start your day?

I check my email, take my children to school, exercise and get to work.

Who inspires you?

My kids. They see me doing work that I love and know that I am my own boss, and these are important messages that I am exposing them to. When they grow-up I hope my sons are supportive of their partners’ careers, and that my daughter believes she can do anything she puts her mind to.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

Be confident about the value you bring and others will believe in you.

What do you need to get through each day?

My husband. He’s supportive, understanding and an incredible co-parent, which enables me to do what I love professionally.

What are you reading?

Entrepreneur Magazine, which I picked up at the recent Entrepreneur 360 event in NYC.

I am an entrepreneur. That’s the first thing you have to tell yourself and project to the world. That word carries a lot of weight: go-getter, creator, multi-tasker, time-manager, leader. I officially became an entrepreneur in 2013 when I started my own brand strategy and marketing consultancy. I had worked in traditional corporate setting all my life – first at public relations agencies and then in-house at a national non-profit.

As my children were born, it became increasingly more challenging to find the work flexibility I needed to balance work and life in a way that felt comfortable for my family. That, and the passion to continue doing work that I love and am proud of, propelled me in to entrepreneurship.

I love what I do each day. Being an entrepreneur has forced me to learn new skills and pushed me in to new arenas. I’ve learned new computer and tech skills, how to develop a business, track time and budgets, solicit business and sell my skills, and network in a way that feels natural and authentic.

Without lots of layers and processes, I am free to be creative and move at a quick pace to get things done. I enjoy collaborating directly with my clients and receiving honest feedback about my work. Only I am accountable for my work so I have to make sure the product is the best representation of the MLR Communications brand. That’s the thing about entrepreneurship: you wear a lot of different hats and don’t have the luxury of hiding behind anyone else. It’s all you and you need to own it.


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