About Us

The She-spire Project is a collection of stories profiling the journeys of inspiring female entrepreneurs in the start-up community. Whether they are a founder of a start-up or an investor in one, the women featured are pioneers and innovators who have courageously chosen to take the leap and be the leaders of their own success. Each are fueled by their individual passions and expertise. They choose to join other storytellers in the Founders Circle and Investors Circle to share their personal stories and inspire other women who are considering or pursuing entrepreneurship.

What you’ll find within the she-spire collection are stories of determination, defeat, persistence and success. You’ll hear about the driving forces behind each entrepreneur, what inspired them to take their path and lessons they learned along their journeys.

This is a resource for women, by women that serves to empower us all. Our hope is that these stories and the women behind them inspire you to take the entrepreneurial leap yourself and stick relentlessly to your vision.

Who Are We?

Michele Riggio: Founder

Michele-Riggio Headshot

Michele is the Co-Founder of The She-Spire Project. After years of working with women-led brands and seeing the gender disparity that exists within the start-up community, she decided to create a platform for women entrepreneurs to share their stories and inspire each other.

Michele is also the Founder of MLR Communications, a brand strategy and marketing consultancy that services small-businesses and start-ups. Before going out on her own, she honed her skills at big-house public relations agencies Weber Chandwick and Ketchum and then spent 13 years at the national headquarters of Girl Scouts of the USA. Her client roster has included notable brands such as The Islands of the Bahamas, Amtrak, Royal Caribbean, Frito-Lay, Gevalia, Visa and Philips Lighting.

She is also the Co-Founder the Manhattan Network of Entrepreneurial Women, a community of business-minded women interested in connecting with others to share expertise and help advance each others professional goals.

Michele is passionate about whatever she sets her mind to. She loves to generate original ideas, build on existing ones and establish a roadmap for getting results. What she finds most rewarding is collaborating with others to help them realize the full potential of their vision.

Michele is a graduate of the State University of New York-Binghamton, and has completed art and culinary course work in Aix-en-Provence, France, and London, England. She loves food, fashion, interior decorating, spends lots of time on the ski slopes and at the beach, enjoys traveling and practicing her Spanish when she can, and is a proud soccer mom. Michele resides in Manhattan, New York, with her family.

Ilana Spirgel: Intern